People are always curious to know how I became interested in Chinese knotting and the answer is simply that Chinese knotting came into my life by chance.

In the early 1990's while working in the UK, I received an intricately knotted key fob, as a gift from a Taiwanese exchange student and, while I was impressed with its beauty, I was always intrigued by the complexity of the large Pan Chang knot.

Some 10 years later, a chance move to Hong Kong challenged my creative life and immersed me into the world of knotted art. In that energized city, and surrounded by exceptional talent, I was determined to learn how to tie the large Pan Chan knot that I had so long admired. In the process of learning this complex knot, I realized that Chinese knotting was my passion.

I am forever grateful to Jessica from Taiwan and to Valerie, my knotting teacher for inspiring me to pursue this challenging art.

Today I continue to inspire myself by looking for new knots to master and for ways to incorporate them into my designs. I also study Kumihimo, and weave braids on a traditional Japanese loom called a maru dai.